Venetian Masks

Our Carnival’s Venetian masks are all handcrafted and handmade according to the traditional papier-mâché method.

The “handmade” ensures the quality and uniqueness of the product because it can not produce two identical pieces perfectly, it can therefore be considered pieces of art handicraft.

All paper-mâché masks are then made to be worn or used for house decoration.

You can find traditional Masks like those of the Art’s Comedy, the faces, Columbine and Bauta, the Casanova mask, or elaborated and imaginative masks as a Joker and Jester or decorated with flowers and fruits, like Bacco, or decorative masks to home as the Sun and Moon.

Venetian masks are a form of art that was originally used in the theater, but has become more popular for social events. They come from Venice, Italy where they were first created to conceal the identity of those who wore them. They were originally created to disguise actors, but as they became more popular, people started wearing masks for social events and other reasons.

As you can see below we provide with a rare and traditional collection of masks for men and women, which range from the elegant luxury masks to the enigmatic Bauta and much more.

With the entry of new creative and innovative techniques, Magie di Carnevale has been able to keep pace with the changing tastes. The company is also known for its products that are designed by prestigious artists, including the masks of famous Venetian painters.

The company has always been committed to safeguarding traditional techniques and materials while preserving these artistic creations for future generations.

Please enjoy our collections and let us know what you think about or if you need help in choosing the right one for you!

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