Venetian Porcelain Dolls

Our bisque Venetian porcelain dolls are entirely hand made by us and have articulated bodies, painted or glass eyes.

The dresses are finished down to the smallest detail with fine lace, damask fabrics, velvet and trimmings and can be considered unique collector’s items.

We produce dolls of all sizes with classic or typical Venetian dresses and puppets of the characters of the Art Comedy.

In addition you can find our Modern Dolls in limited edition always entirely in porcelain but with modern features and special dresses inspired by Italian couture from the ’60s to the present day, made with precious fabrics of velvet and chiffon and enriched with pearls and crystal rhinestones.

It is believed that the dolls have Life infused by their creators.

In the Doll there is the voice of the wisest part of Us.

There is no greater blessing that a mother can give to her daughter than by symbolically giving a doll that represents her intuition… continue to reading the story of the Dolls…

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