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Dear Customer,

please wait for the reply to your questions before sending any new email.
If you forward the message multiple times the response time remains unchanged and will cause only more delays in the responses.

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Q: Can I ship to my country? How much does it cost?

A: We ship all over the world only by UPS, because we think it is very safe. we need to know your country and the quantity to be shipped to be able to tell the exact cost of shipping.


Q: How can I pay?

A: You can place an order and pay by bank transfer before shipment. At the moment this is the ONLY payment method accepted. We can check payments only after a few days, so it is better if you confirm by email when you make payment. PLEASE ALSO INDICATE IN THE “CAUSAL” OF THE PAYMENT YOUR NAME AND ORDER’S NUMBER!


Q: Can I get a discount?

A: you can receive a discount on very large quantities because each piece is COMPLETELY HANDMADE and there are many hours of work to make it.


Q: Will I receive an invoice?

A: The complete invoice will be mandatorily shipped with the package.


Q: There will be customs fees to pay?

A: It is possible that there are some fees to be paid at customs, but each country has its own regulation, so we encourage you to inform yourself about this at the customs offices in your country before placing an order. IF FOR ANY REASON THE GOODS THAT WILL BE SENT WILL BE REFUSED BY THE CUSTOMER, THE AMOUNT PAID WILL BE RETAINED TO COVER THE EXPENSES.


Q: Can I modify my order?

A: If you modify your order it will be treated as a NEW order, so it will be queued to the other and then the delivery time will INCREASE.


Q: Can I receive my order before the estimated delivery date?

A: No, you can’t receive it in advance of the date indicated in the confirmation mail.


Q: Why I haven’t already received my order?

A: Please Check your email and verify the date that was assigned in the order’s confirmation. This date refers to the TIME LIMIT FOR REALIZE THE ARTICLES, after this date must then add the shipping time, usually approximately is 7/10 working days.


Q: Is there a label with the guarantee in the products?



Q: How can I order an article that I can’t find on the site?

A: We have many items and it’s difficult to keep updated the website, also because the products are handmade and from each piece that there can be a little bit of difference. so if you’re looking for something in particular that you can’t find please request it by email. – Orders will be taken into account at the time of confirmation and only after you have communicated at least your NAME, SURNAME and PHONE NUMBER. – For any communication relating to an order, please refer to the order number, which you will be provided.

Thank you for your collaboration and understanding,

Magie di Carnevale Staff